What characteristics you should consider while buying back massager.

Every back massager has different characteristics. If you want a back massager which fit your need and requirements, some features are here for general guides.
The shape is an important point. Make sure massager shape fit on your body and reach all points where you feel pain. Some massager is designed for more significant body and some for medium and small. So according to your body shape, select your massager.
Size of back massager matters when you choose it. If your pain area is mostly on your neck and upper side of the back, then small size back massager is enough but if you want more coverage area for back massager than select bigger size massager
One other thing about the size is that size plays an important role in portability. Is it small and easy to carry anywhere, or it is challenging to move around.
The back massager is of two major types electric and non-electric. Non-electric is more suitable for low budget, and it performs very well on low-intensity pain. But if you feel that you have more intense pain in you back, you should go with an electric massager.

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