The thought of Guam shapes ideas Normanton Park Balance Units about beaches and incredibly pleasant natural attractions. But that’s fine because Guam is a United States island territory in the Pacific Ocean, quite close to Hawaii and the Philippines.

Thus, it shares with these places a fairly constant tropical climate all year round. But Guam isn’t just about beaches. It is known for its excellent duty free shops, impressive hotels, resorts and spas. There is a balance between contemporary and regular events and historical and cultural attractions. Particularly noteworthy is the war in the Pacific National Historic Park, where peaceful tropical beauty is combined with memorabilia and artifacts of hellish war.

The “War in the Pacific” National Historic Park was established in honor of Pacific campaigners during World War II. No matter how historic it may be, this vast park is the perfect place to visit with family or friends. The park does everything possible to ensure that guests get the maximum pleasure and rest inside.

The park has several points worth exploring, and most of them showcase war relics and battlefields. They will help you get a better idea of the “War on the Pacific” campaign. These locations include Agatha Beach and Ga’an Point, Asan Bay Overlook, Asan Beach Beach, Fonte Plateau, Mount Alifan, Mount Chachao/Mount Tenjo and Piti Guns.

For those who want to get closer to artillery objects, be sure to like sections of Agat Beach Unit, Ga’an Point and Piti Guns Unit. Agatha Beach is very hospitable. And if you walk far along the beach, you will eventually reach Agatha Point, where you can find guns and guns that were part of a fortress built during the war. The Japanese 20mm short-barrel coastal defense gun and 25mm Japanese dual installation are some of the visible weapons you can find here. The trajectory of guns in the Pacific Ocean offers a fairly panoramic view. The Piti Guns device is designed for those who like long hikes, as the point requires a hike to the forest pond. Here you will find three Japanese long-barreled guns that have never been shot, but are strategically positioned to protect the coast.

As a 40-year-old certified travel agent, international airline employee, researcher, writer, teacher or travel photographer, whether for fun or work, have always been an integral part of my life. About 400 trips to all corners of the world by road, rail, sea and air, including daily and exotic destinations. This article is about Americans.

Originally available for Floyd Bennett Field – New York City’s first municipal airport – Manhattan, tested from the water during boat tours of the island, passed through the arteries of the museum, theater and restaurants, and the heights of the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center consist of more now. It became the doorstep of the Lower, Middle and Upper Hudson Valley, including Bear Mountain, West Point, Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site, an old plane from Old Reinbeck Airfield, lunches at the Culinary Institute of America, performances at the Reinbeck Center for the Performing Arts and visits to the hudson River School of Artists.

The Catskill Mountains, blazing with waterfalls, offered skiing in Hunter Mountain and Ski Wyndham, as well as natural scenery such as Kaatherskill Falls, becoming the next stop on the Adirondack, known for its sparkling blue Lake George, numerous sea walks and Fort Ticonderoga.

Further north and west was the Finger Lakes region, with its sculptural carvings bordering the Watkins Glen Gorge falls, Glenn H. Curtiss and the Floating National Museums, sea walks along Keuka Lake, where Curtiss himself tested his seaplane designs and arranged field lunches. Vineyards.

Maine, the first of them, provided bonvivant to its lobster and shrimp caught in the Atlantic, but topographical duality included Bangor, Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park on the coast of Mount Desert Island, as well as the cabins and forests of Lake Rangeley’s interior. .

Neighbouring New Hampshire was compared to pine huts on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, with ships such as MS Mount Washington and US Mail Boat, which walked on it, as well as small motor boats on which fishing lines were suspended to catch what later became lunch.

Vermont, with its mirror image of the Green Mountains, was the intersection of Lake Champlain, the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, the Green Mountain National Forest, the Grand Summit Lodge at mount Snow Ski Resort, and the ascent of Mount Snow itself on the picturesque Bluebird Express chairlift. The State Historic Site of the Benington Battlefield, the Indoor Bridge Museum, grafton Village Cheese Factory, Plummer’s Sugar House for Maple Syrup and the Robert Frost Stone House Museum, including the decor that inspired his poetry. The Molly Stark Trail is a 48-mile scenic road through the South.

Massachusetts, located a little to the south, offered the big city of Boston with its “Freedom Trail” and the docked ship “The U.S. Constitution”; the small towns of Plymouth, where the Mayflower first hit its now-famous rock; Salem with its seven-storey house, the birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Witch Prison Museum; battlefields at Lexington and Concord; and the Berkshires on the west side of the state. Among the attractions are the historic Red Lion Inn, the Norman Rockwell Museum, Herman Melville’s home, the mountain that inspired his classic Moby Dick, and a trip to Mount Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts, offering spectacular views. And lunch. .

The golden mansions on the coast of Newport, Rhode Island, have given way to the casinos of eastern Connecticut, the Essex steam locomotive in the Connecticut River Valley, the aircraft carrier USS Nautilus, the first subatomic sailor in Groton, Connecticut, with its mysticism. Seaport, Yale University and Schubert’s Broadway Theatre, as well as the Long Island Sound, are ferries.

The seven Mid-Atlantic states that descended from New Jersey to North Carolina include the District of Columbia.

New Jersey’s waterfront with Cape May and its Victorian architecture, as well as the Casino Complex in Atlantic City, have been balanced domestically by a host of aerodynamic rides, including the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, the Hindenburg airship crash site in 1937, and the Naval Air Station Wildwood.

The Allegheny Mountains have a rich history of railways, with their steam railways, the National Historic Monument of Kryulus Podkova and the Allegini Railway National Historic Site in the Altuna area.

The history of the Johnstown flooding was told in the Johnstown Flood Museum, and a plane ride on the world’s steepest railroad quenched the appetite for lunch and satisfied the city’s view.

Lake Reistown was covered with a barge, and there was a lot of skiing at seven Springs resort in Laurel Highlands.

Omni Bedford Springs Resort, which serves elegant afternoon tea, was a national historical monument.

Synonymous with DuPont, Delaware has provided a glimpse into its thriving life with the Hagley Museum, library and Elevator factories, 235-acre powder mills on the banks of the Brandivine River in the north, as well as the Dover Downs Hotel, Casino and Hotel. The racetrack, Dover Air Force Base, the Air Mobility Management Museum and the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in the south.

Lunch at the bakery, the Dutch architecture of the Museum of zwaanendal and a visit to Cape Henlopen National Park in Lewis, one of the state’s many coastal towns on the Atlantic coast, were the highlights of the day trip.

Maryland, with its port of Baltimore and College Park Airport, which is considered the nation’s premier and the venue for important training for the Wright brothers, was itself a gateway to D.C., including the iconic National Mall. It borders the Smithsonian Institution. offered a diverse and experience-based education. . Dinner at nearby Georgetown restaurants was also a highlight.

Virginia, synonymous with colonial Williamsburg, offered other attractions, including the Jamestown settlement, the Miss Hampton II cruise in Fort Wool and the Norfolk Air Force Base, as well as the flyer with the open cockpit of the Flying Circus Ticketon, a promising airfield.

Charleston, with its domed Capitol, served as the gateway to West Virginia, where trips on vintage trains were possible, such as the scenic Cass Railroad, a national historical landmark, dinner at the Graceland Inn, located in Davis and Elkins. College, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, peeks beyond the planet at the Green Bank National Radio Astronomy Observatory and winter sports in the Canaan Valley Resort State Park.

Despite its moderate size, North Carolina had many diverse attractions, depending on the region, which could be reached through the gates of Raleigh/Durham or Charlotte. For example, the Outer Banks were synonymous with Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills, the latter of which was the site of the Wright brothers’ first power, sustained, controlled and heavier flight on Flyer Wright, which was performed on Wright. National Memorial of the Brothers.

A ferry ride and ferry talks from the national coast of Cape Hatteras, the spawning ground of the northerners, took me through the famous, if not so famous, Alley of Hurricanes, whose natural beauty hated its negative reputation.

West North Carolina was characterized by Asheville, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Biltmore Manor, Chimney Rock Park and Nantahala Gorge in the Piedmont part of the state.

Known for its southern cuisine, pre-war mansions and country music, trips to the South included the Opryland Hotel with homemade cookies and a visit to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee; visiting Rainbow Rowe and a boat ride along the Ashley and Cooper Rivers in Charleston, South Carolina; A stay at the swanky Buckhead Hotel and a tour of Stone Mountain, the world’s largest granite relief sculpture, in Atlanta, Georgia; visits to Birmingham and Huntsville, Alabama, the latter with its U.S. rocket and space center; passage through Biloxi, Mississippi; and a tour of Jackson Square and the French quarter of New Orleans, followed by a one-day cruise along the Mississippi River in Louisiana.

Aviation took center stage with visits to Pensacola Naval Air Force Base, the National Maritime Aviation Museum and the Gulf National Coast, while Jacksonville, the gateway to North Florida, led to Orlando, the Walt Disney World theme parks and the Epcot Center, as well as Cypress Gardens. Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center led to a contemplative focus on launch pad 39A, literally the threshold of space, while Tampa and St. Petersburg on the Gold Coast were characterized by surgical sandy beaches.

Cruise ships lined up along Fort Lauderdale’s coastal waterway, reminiscent of the canals of Venice, and beach ribbons, along with Art Deco architecture, were Miami’s trademark, along with an airboat safari through the park. Everglades National Park, teeming with grass, alligators and crocodiles. .

Finally, a walk through Ki-Largo led to Ernest Hemingway’s house-museum on Ki West, the southernmost point of the United States.

Despite trips to Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and Dayton in Ohio, the first of the Midwest states, aviation once again took center stage in the last city, visiting the Wright bike shop, part of the Wright Brothers route, and the vast National Museum. U.S. Air Force.

While the theme continued in Wisconsin, with a visit to the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, the site of the nation’s largest annual arrival by the Experimental Aircraft Association, and witnessing Wisconsin children from a rooftop restaurant, two cruises through lower and upper Wisconsin. Dells offered a closer look at his sandstone cliffs and rock formations destroyed by glaciers.

Shopping was at a store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a huge one-roof shopping mall, and Chicago on the picturesque Lake Michigan, Illinois, offers panoramic views from the top of Sears Tower and cultural attractions at the Art Institute and several campuses. Museum. Business trips of two of my airlines led to the fact that I often visited the Windy City.

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