Hi, my name is Andreas Krautwald. I’m a graphic designer living in the center of Århus. I work as a book designer and art director at a small design bureau in nearby Højbjerg. I happen to know an awful lot about typographic design and usability, but I won’t let that get in the way of being approachable and quaintly humorous.

Over on right you can see a selection of photos from my Flickr stream, and below that are my 5 latest updates on twitter. You can also follow me on facebook to keep in touch and receive regular updates on what I’m up to.

I’m not planning on doing any kind of regular blogging, but expect to add all sorts of “micro-content” to the site, and otherwise outsource as much as possible to services like facebook and flickr.

Major news for 2009 is that I’ve started podcasting with my good friend Lange, you can catch us talking about, and playing, fantastic and weird music over at and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.

I do a lot of cycling, mostly for fun, about half and half of road and off-road in summer and strictly off-road in winter. Some favourite locations are the singletrack MTB route in Marselisborg forrest and small b-roads on north-east Funen in the summer for lots of hill-climbing action. Least favourite by far are the marshlands in south-western Jutland, where I spent 3 years studying. It’s cold, very windy and completely flat. I suppose it builds character, but it’s also about as boring as cycling gets!

It’s not all rural though. I like the streets, style and architecture, and combine the three in photography. I’m a regular attendee at our local Flickr meetups, and I often prowl the streets of Århus with a camera. I’m also an occational contributor to the streetfashion blog,

I do a bit of freelance design consultancy as well, so if you’ve got an interesting project that could do with a critical eye, please do get in touch.

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