How to Make Laundry Soap Flakes at Home

Are you looking for a way to save money on your laundry bills? If so, you may be interested in learning how to make laundry soap flakes at home. Laundry soap flakes are a great way to save money on laundry soap, since you can make them yourself. To make laundry soap flakes, you will need the following ingredients: Laundry soap flakes Baking soda Salt To make the laundry soap flakes, first measure out the required amount of laundry soap. Then, add the baking soda and salt to the soap. Stir until the ingredients are fully combined. Finally, use a spoon to form the soap into small flakes. Laundry soap flakes can be used to wash your clothes just like regular laundry soap. However, they will save you money on your laundry bills. If you are looking to save money on your laundry bills, then you should definitely give laundry soap flakes a try.

Making the Laundry Soap Flakes

Making your own laundry soap flakes is a great way to save money and avoid all of the chemicals that are found in store-bought laundry detergents. You can make a large batch of flakes that will last you for months, and they are very easy to use. Simply add a few flakes to a cup of hot water and dissolve, then add it to your laundry in place of detergent.

To make your own laundry soap flakes, you will need:

1. A bar of soap (any kind will do, although Fels Naptha or Zote are recommended for their ability to remove stains)
2. A cheese grater
3. A large pot
4. A stove

Start by grating the soap into a large pot. If you are using a bar of soap, you can cut it into smaller pieces first to make the grating process easier.

Add enough water to the pot to cover the grated soap, then stir well and place over medium heat.

Stir frequently as the mixture heats up, until the soap has completely dissolved. This will take about 15 minutes.

Once the soap has dissolved, remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. Then, pour into a storage container and allow to completely cool before using.

To use, simply add a few flakes to a cup of hot water and dissolve. Then, add it to your laundry in place of detergent.

Using the Laundry Soap Flakes

Laundry soap flakes are a great alternative to store-bought laundry detergent. They are easy to make at home, and they work just as well as the commercial stuff, if not better. Plus, they are much less expensive.

If you have never made your own laundry soap before, you might be wondering how to do it. The process is actually quite simple. All you need is some soap flakes, water, and a little bit of time.

First, you will need to gather your ingredients. You will need:

– 1 cup of soap flakes
– 1 gallon of water
– A large pot

Next, you will need to add the soap flakes to the water and stir until they are completely dissolved. Then, you will need to bring the mixture to a boil. Once it is boiling, you will need to reduce the heat and let it simmer for about 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes is up, you will need to remove the pot from the heat and let it cool. Once it is cool, you will need to strain the soap through a cheesecloth or a coffee filter. This will remove any undissolved soap flakes.

Once your soap is strained, you can store it in a jug or a bottle. It will keep for quite awhile. To use, simply add a cup or two to your washing machine along with your regular laundry detergent.

So there you have it! Making your own laundry soap is easy and economical. Give it a try the next time you run out of laundry detergent.

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