Forex trend indicators trading with rules

The trend (and its availability) is precisely defined as the most important factor for successful transactions in any financial market, and one of the most popular and best ways of solving this problem is the sliding averages. But like all the technical analyzes, they are behind, and there is always a danger that I can not non repaint indicator get started, but in the middle or even at the end of the movement. In this context, we have a unique Trend Focus development indicator which, according to its authors, effectively balances the average moving average delay.

Trend follower

Before addressing the negotiating directives on signaling this instrument, I would like to draw your attention to this point: the official website of the indicator states that one of the most important advantages of Trend Focus is the lack of painting. Now it is a popular slogan that is written everywhere and people are not fully acquainted with the subject.

Therefore, moving averages are not redrawn, but only pay for the price.
Regardless of how convincing the developers are for us, moving averages always give false signals during currency periods without any change. Whether or not the trend indicator is paid or free, you can only use it in trend zones.

Time zone

For this reason, an eternal problem arises: Is there a tendency or not? This is only determined by extra technical tools without you being able to use moving averages. If you only open positions with the arrows at Trend Focus,  best forex indicator you can quickly lose the deposit. This means that you can not use only one of these tools, just in conjunction with other indicators, and only to confirm the signal.