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Many people ask me about the best antivirus programs. A consumer has so many choices today that it is difficult to know what is good and what is not. From AVG to Panda, McAfee and Norton, computer stores are full of colorful boxes that attract unsuspecting customers. Obviously, the best antivirus program is common sense. Do not download the attached .exe file in this weird email into your spam folder. Crack / do not steal software with Russian key generators. Simple things, people, go.But for real programs, the two that I recommend are Windows Defender and Malwarebytes lifetime key.

Windows Defender Malwarebytes

Windows Defender is a program that is offered for free on the latest Windows computers and can be downloaded for free for older Windows computers. If you do not have it (and you have a legal copy of Windows 7 or later), download Windows Defender here, it’s free! Do it now.

But for paid programs, I still recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Why? It’s strong, it’s fast and out of danger. The only thing I hate more than viruses is slow antivirus programs that slow down your computer more than the damned virus! I’m watching you, Norton! But Malwarebytes license key  is super sweet. And now, they are trying to make it even better with version 2.0. They now deliver with integrated and improved “Anti-Rootkit and Chameleon Self-Protection Technologies” that have been working for one year. Most importantly, the recognition and elimination engine has been significantly improved. It was amazing, it’s getting softer now. Plus, they give urgently everything they need

The Pre Hispanic History of America

America as a cradle of races

During the last ice age, the concentration of ice on the continents drove down the level of the oceans by about 120 meters. This descent caused terrestrial connections to be made in various parts of the planet, such as Australia-Tasmania with New Guinea; Philippines and Indonesia; Japan and Korea and Siberia and Alaska with the Bering Strait.

Because the Bering Strait, which separates Asia from America, has a depth of between 30 and 50 meters, the descent of the waters uncovered a vast territory that reached 1500 kilometers wide, joining the lands of Siberia and Alaska, about 40,000 years ago. Those occasions were an opportune opportunity for tribes of Siberia to cross to America. Then, at the end of the glaciation, the territories were flooded and Asia was definitively separated from America in what is now the Bering Strait.

At the end of the last glaciation 10000 years ago, in response to the climate crisis there is a radical transformation of the way of life for humanity, which goes from being nomadic to sedentary and predatory economy (hunting, fishing and gathering) to producing ( agriculture and livestock) with the domestication of native animals or plants.

First of all, it affects the area known as the fertile growing area of the Middle East, a wide area that includes from the northeast of Africa (Nile Valley, in Egypt) to western Asia (Mesopotamia zone between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers). Something later similar changes occurred in India (Indus and Ganges rivers) and in the Far East (Huang Ho and Yangtze rivers in China). The diffusion through the rest of the Old World (Europe, Asia, and Africa) is produced by diffusion of these first foci. In America, these changes occur autonomously, with the Mesoamerican and Andean foci.

The changes linked to this climatic impact meant an enormous progress in the development of the Humanity, which began to grow much more quickly when beginning to harvest foods that could be conserved for quite some time. The need to preserve food generated the development of new techniques and crafts such as ceramics, basket weaving and many others. The emergence of surpluses allowed the specialization and division of labor, the appearance of trade, the accentuation of social differences, and over time, the origin of history of America.

It was the time when the first stable settlements and numerous cultures that live from agriculture and intensive exploitation of marine resources appear. Domestic animals have been found in Mesoamerica and South America with dates dating back to 10 thousand years ago. In Amazonia the domestication of plant species began about 5000 years ago and was initially based on bitter cassava. The first cities in America appeared almost on par with the founding of the oldest cities in the world in the Middle East and China. Important civilizations will flourish in the valleys of Mexico and Guatemala, and in the center-north of the Andes (the two fundamental nuclear zones of America).

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The pre-Hispanic period of America

The pre-Hispanic period began with human rebirth 10 000 years ago (8000 BC), and will come to an end when Spanish navigators begin the conquest and thus incorporate America into Universal History.

Specifically in the Andes the oldest civilizing focus of America was identified, the culture of Caral (Peru), with an initial date superior to 3000 BC. This Andean region has been considered as one of the worldwide civilizatory foci, next to Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, and India. When the pyramids of Cheops were built in Egypt and the Sumerian cities of Mesopotamia flourished, around 2,550 years before Christ, in Peru, the monumental urban center of Caral, the oldest city on the continent, was built. In Mesoamerica there was the formation of more complex societies from 1500 BC, where the first forms of writing and the great classical civilizations such as the Olmecs, Mayas or the Moche appear.

The culture of Caral

Caral, a vibrant city of monumental pyramids and complex social organizations, is located in the Supe Valley, 200 kilometers north of Lima, is approximately 5000 years old and proceeds at least a thousand years to societies of similar level in Mesoamerica. .

It has also been called a sacred city, since it is a time when for the first time Peruvian societies had a central government, the state was established and religion was used as a means of affirmation.

The centrality of Caral was exercised in a completely peaceful way during a period that could be 1000 years. Caral left no remains of arms manufacturing, testimonies or evidence of having organized an army or led a war.

The Chavin culture

The Chavin Culture extended from western Peru to Ecuador, between the littoral and the jungle, and developed between 1500 BC. C. and 500 a. C .; that is to say, that during a millennium, its hegemony prevailed in all the Andean task of the region or area of influence.

The Chavín society was theocratic and the tyrant king priest was the representative of the ruling caste, possibly chosen among the champions of the ruling houses or panacas, as the Incas did later. This ruling caste formed the first State of the Andes and its priestly caste were specialists and great hydraulic agricultural technicians, who dominated by fear of their peers. Chavín represents the epoch that begins the use of metals. Metallurgical production begins with gold and almost simultaneously with native copper. The oldest evidence of gold objects in the central Andes dates back 1500 BC.

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The Mochica culture

Moche is an archaeological culture of Ancient Peru that was developed between the 100 a. C. and the 800 d. C. around the valleys of the north coast of present-day Peru. The Moche societies developed a complex technology of irrigation channels, demonstrating extensive knowledge in hydraulic engineering and expanding the agricultural frontier. In addition, they made intensive use of copper in the manufacture of weapons, tools and ornamental objects.

The Mochica gods show clear influence of the Chavín culture, which were prior to them (the Moches). Human sacrifices were practiced by the Mochicas for religious purposes.

They were considered the best potters of ancient Peru thanks to the fine and elaborate work they did in their ceramics. In them they represented divinities, men, animals and significant scenes related to ceremonial themes and myths that reflected their conception of the world, standing out the amazing expressiveness, perfection and realism with which they endowed them.

In navigation and fishing he highlighted the use of reed horses, small and agile boats that are still manufactured and used today. They also had warships that were manned by more than three or four people and transported to military groups or prisoners defeated in the wars. In the architecture stand the temples, palaces and walls of Chan, the largest adobe city in America.

Politically, the Mocha societies -of strong segmentation into social classes- were organized in lordships commanded by religious-military authorities.


Time, people, culture, society and the environment in which we are surrounded can produce the formation of many perspectives on a problem we see in today’s society. Islam and the Hijab are one of the most controversial issues. Many questions and generalizations are often formulated in the minds of many non-Muslims regarding the concepts behind Hijab through the influence of the media.

Throughout the years of conflict between “the West” and “Islam,” the media has strongly changed the minds of non-Muslims through the negative exploitation of Islam and Muslims, especially Muslim women. . Misconceptions like “Are you bald under?” “Are you going to sleep with that?” to the association of “terrorism” that contrasts with what Muslim women believe represents the hijab.

A common mistake is “the Islamic hijab is something cultural, not religious”. The use of the word “cultural” is misleading in the description of Hijab because it implies that it is the result of customs and practices that are something separate from Islam. The cultural costume refers to the ancient pre-Islamic era (Jahiliyah). It is the veil of the pre-Islamic era considered “traditional” that prevents women from contributing to society. On the contrary, the Islamic Hijab is not considered an informal tradition, nor does it diminish one’s self-esteem. The Hijab aims to present women with balance and equality in society. An example of the pre-Islamic era in our modern world is that of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban are a party that considers these activities as non-Islamic for women, who are prohibited from exercising their primary rights. The Taliban banned women from working outside the home, with the exception of the health sector, and put an end to girls’ education.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The search for knowledge is the responsibility of every Muslim.” Even Henry VIII forbade women to study the Bible when the first translations into English began to appear. It is an irony, although the Taliban claim that their philosophy about women is in place to ensure the physical protection and self-esteem of women, in which many Afghan women were killed, beaten and publicly hanged. For many Afghan women, the fear of being severely punished by the Taliban is their main security concern.

Another mistake is that “Muslim women have no rights over Islam.” Islam granted rights to women more than 1400 years ago, which many Muslims and non-Muslims ignore today. First, Islam has given women the fundamental right to freedom of expression. In the early days of Islam, leaders of the Islamic State in legal matters consulted women. The rights that have been attributed to Muslim women since the beginning of time only arise for non-Muslims. In Islam, a woman is free to be who she is and protected from being portrayed as a sexually coveted symbol. Islam praised a woman’s status and ordered her to “have the same rights as men in everything, is on an equal footing with men” (Koran Nadvi: 11) share mutual rights and obligations in all aspects of life . For Jumma Mubarak Quotes and images VISITE SITE

Many women are treated far from Islamic ideals, but in the name of Islam. The Taliban are an example of a cultural and political name that has been marked with Islam. There is no freedom for women if they are imprisoned in their home in the name of Hijab and Islam. In addition, the veil of Islam is not associated with the veil of oppression.

Women who find their identity and role in society now use the Hijab and embrace their concept of liberation. They take their legal places that Islam had granted them fourteen years ago. In fact, Western women did not have rights or rights over their husbands. Not only was the wife owned by her husband, but also her property. In 1919, women in England fought for their rights to be elected to parliament.

Due to their demands, they were imprisoned by the government and suffered a lot. It was not until the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that women received these rights.

A quotation from the Qur’an in Surah 2:26 says:

“And for women, it has rights over men, similar to men over women.”

The background story between Islam and the West will shed light on why Muslims are portrayed so negatively in the media. The medieval western conflict, the crusades, the oil crisis of the year

Free Online Games – Challenge Your Gaming Side

All through adolescence, the greater part of us have grown up playing different sorts of games. In this way, a large portion of us thinks that it is exceptionally nostalgic when we say kids playing games and making the most of their gaming session. This is precisely when we as a whole begin missing those occasions when we used to be currently partaking in a few or the other type of game.

Notwithstanding, regardless of whether we are very bustling nowadays, the approach of the web has unquestionably improved things for us. The free online games are effortlessly accessible on the web that assists us to extinguish our hunger for playing games. These free online games are certainly a beyond any doubt shot approach to loosen up our brain and soul and furthermore help us to return to the days when we appreciated playing every sort of a game.

There are quantities of sites that offer free online games like RPG games and numerous different games. Subsequently, all you would need to do is to pay special mind to such sort of a site that would help you in downloading free online games at your simplicity. Presently these free online games are only an uncommon sort of an online game wherein every player gets an opportunity to go up against their preferred part of an invented character. When you discover a site that offers free online games, all you would need to do is to end up a part with that website and afterward, you can download the same number of games as you need.

We as whole love playing and when they come online as the free online game, this certainly turns into a what tops off an already good thing. Truth be told, the normal utilization of the web has made the world a little place and today, anybody can contact with anyone. Subsequently, now you can play your most loved game from the solace of your home. So what are you supposing now? Download free online games and appreciate your own particular conversation.

Why Not Sleeping Pills?

Experiencing issues resting? Dozing pills are not the appropriate response. Albeit numerous individuals swing to dozing pills when they are experiencing a sleeping disorder they can really have negative symptoms and can be addictive and less viable after some time.

An article in the New York Times, October 23, 2007 uncovered some aggravating examination comes about. Seen as a gathering, resting pills enhance the time you take to get the opportunity to rest by 12.8 minutes contrasted and counterfeit pills, and the aggregate time you really rest by 11.4 minutes per night.

So why are they so well known? Two perceptions made in precisely this article give us a few intimations. Initially, most dozing pills take a shot at a similar mind receptors as medications to treat nervousness – so you may very well feel better about not resting. Furthermore, also, there’s the impact of anterograde amnesia (inconvenience framing recollections while affected by rest solutions) which implies by morning you may have overlooked you experienced difficulty dozing! Does this sound like a reminder?

Sleeping Pills UK

Dozing Pills Tend to Be Addictive

Most dozing pills have a tendency to be addictive. Numerous individuals need to get off resting tablets to lead a more typical life however when they attempt they may endure horrendous withdrawal side effects, for example, a rehash of poor dozing designs, tension, shaking, or freeze and for the most part feeling terrible. In the event that you are now dependent on dozing pills then it is imperative to address your specialist and fall off them painstakingly and with help.

Being addictive implies that they turn out to be less successful after some time, implying that consistently higher dosages are required just to get a similar impact.

For more data online please allude to the work and site of Professor C.H. Ashton on benzodiazepines. For Joan E Gadsby, the creator of Addiction by Prescription, her 18 year battle to pull back from medicine provoked a letter as of late to President Obama.

Dozing Tablets Can Cause Drowsiness

Tiredness when you need to rest may appear like something to be thankful for yet when you have to have an ordinary existence and get on with the exercises of the day this can really be an issue. Individuals who take resting tablets frequently find that they are additionally extremely sluggish the following morning and this may make it troublesome or even perilous for them to do their standard exercises, for example, driving, working hardware, and so on.

Dozing Tablets May Impair Night Activities

In the event that you are on resting tablets and need to get up during the evening to utilize the lavatory or do whatever else you may have issues. The resting pills tend to make you ungainly and confounded and this can be unsafe and make you harm yourself through falls. This is particularly perilous for more established individuals who might probably fall and break a bone.

Dozing Tablets are Blamed for Weird Actions

An article distributed in The Sun-Herald May 10, 2009 featured that one dubious resting pill was the main medication answered to a national hotline in Australia for unfavorable symptoms from drugs. Of 1669 calls made to the Adverse Medicine Events Line between September 2007 and February 2009, 12 percent (196) identified with a specific dozing pill – making it by a wide margin the most detailed solution to this hotline, keep running by the Australian National Prescribing Service and Brisbane’s Mater Hospital. Different examinations affirming reports of irregular practices incorporate a report distributed in April 2009 by the Australia and New Zeland Journal of Psychiatry refering to rest strolling and eating amid rest. What’s more, rest strolling has been related with a higher probability of being overweight or hefty.

What are the Alternatives?

As we have stated, resting pills are not the appropriate response but rather what else would you be able to utilize on the off chance that you are experiencing issues dozing? The main thing is to consider what could be the reason for your restlessness. There are numerous reasons why individuals can’t rest which incorporate nervousness, stretch, not having the capacity to turn off toward the day’s end, nourishment prejudice, harmful connections and situations, unfulfilling employments, utilization of remedy and non-professionally prescribed medications, stressing (counting money related, wellbeing, family issues) – and some more.

A sleeping pills UK disorder is an indication of something different. Getting to the base of the ‘something unique’ is the test. Now and then this is simple, for instance if it’s simply an issue of unwinding toward the day’s end. At times it’s more troublesome – on the off chance that it identified with a youth injury, and so on.

Sleeping Pills UK

Fortunately there are numerous advances for taking care of the issue normally.

They incorporate Cognitive Behavoir Therapy (C.B.T.), Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T), Neuro-preparing, unwinding (yoga, contemplation, and so forth.), mind entrainment (certain sorts of music, theta metronomes and so on.), kinesiology, nourishment, exercise, natural and other supplementation, sustenance narrow mindedness as well as hypersensitivity testing, fragrance based treatment, resting cooler in bed, settling on groundbreaking choices to satisfy your life, other way of life changes and splendid books on specific subjects (e.g. The Wisdom of Menopause, by Dr Christiane Northrup).

Resting pills are not the appropriate response. They might be a prominent method to attempt and cure sleep deprivation yet they aren’t that successful and they can be addictive and in some cases perilous. Above all they don’t address the fundamental issue that caused your a sleeping disorder in any case – and that is the place your genuine arrangement lies.

Elizabeth Shannon CEO, Author, Presenter.

Elizabeth has been exploring rest and rest issue for more than 10 years. She talks with specialists and audits effective contextual analyses to recognize and write about characteristic answers for a sleeping disorder. Absolutely without the utilization of medications. The data is out there, it’s only hard to discover in among the drivel about rest – such a great amount of commotion truth be told, it’s keeping us alert.

At SleeplessNoMore website, her power site, she incorporates data and common arrangements in the accompanying territories: babies, herbs for dozing, young people, ADHD, distress, wretchedness, rest apnea, tinnitus, tension and fears, fragrant healing, melatonin, dozing pills, the reactions of medicine and non-physician recommended drugs, nourishment added substances that ought to be unlawful, enlightening measurements, approaches to unwind, help the following day after the prior night, psychological conduct treatment, passionate opportunity strategy, kinesiology and so on and so on.

J cole net worth

j cole net worthWhen it has to do with fame and popularity people easily believe that it’s really tough to beat Drake. The collection proved to be an enormous success. Things have the chance to be great. Chance co-directed the audio video. Thus, the possibility exists that you could owe taxes on the forgiven part of the debt. There’s no indication he will reply to comments or situations of that kind. For some folks, it’s confirmation which you weren’t tough enough to make it out in the actual world.

K.R.I.T. probably felt something similar. Jennifer Lopez really knows the way to live it large. Cole explained he required somewhat more time than it to complete things. He wasn’t quite sure how to respond. J. Cole relates to a good deal of music artists who dream one day to ensure it is big. He might not look at the monetary gain which has come along as a result of his hard work and may incline to look at the impact of his music but no one can dispute he is a star in the rap world. He was married to Melissa Heholt and they have been together for over a decade.

The J Cole Net worth Cover Up

Album sales can just be a thing whenever you have albums, and for the large part mixtapes are released at no charge, to avoid getting sued. Prices go up and down in both markets and there’s a main market and a secondary industry. J Cole net worth also proves he is among the wealthiest rappers in the United States of america. If you come here in order to check J. Cole net worth, so you’re in the ideal location. In reality, investing in shares is similar to investing in property. Adding a few simple shelves over the rod is a simple remodeling project that won’t cost much money. There’s still a net savings.

Important Treadmill manufacturers don’t supply a good deal of information regarding the authentic construction materials of their decks. Companies which want to be connected with those who have been accused of federal offenses are slim. Treadmill cushioning technology involves the sum of, type of, and grade of the treadmill cushioning. There’s a whole lot of internal research happening about that type of thing. The community has ever rejected the term. Of course you’re not likely to like or see eye-to-eye with everyone but for the huge majority, you will delight in some or all their company. The total of what you paid the creditor, in addition to the taxes, will still be far less than that which you owed in the first place.

New Step by Step Roadmap for J Cole Net worth

Every wrestler on the website is provided an extensive personal page together with merchandise centered around said wrestler. Over the last five decades, Chance The Rapper has turned into one of the most successful unsigned artists. The album proved to be a massive success. Thus, you get a true mixture of people and you don’t get that in the usa.

The crux of his admittedly modest fortune comes from selling verse. There’s one other facet of J Cole’s work I wish to speak about. Drake A relationship can provide you a gut wrenching feeling sometimes. Anything that you do in life ought to be carried out with 100 percent effort. There are more important things in life, and if you only remove yourself for a couple of minutes, you will discover that it’s a lot easier to move on as your emotions subside. When it has to do with dating life, Chance is a rather stable guy. The freedom and creativity which comes with being an entrepreneur is something I would never quit.

What You Don’t Know About J Cole Net worth

Let’s look at how he got there. So let’s look at XXXtentacion career to date, see how he’s making his money, and where he may be going next. Replacing a classic swinging door with a sliding door usually means you don’t need to be concerned about clearance for your closet door, which might let you lay your bedroom furniture out more effectively. Yes, but it isn’t advisable unless you truly understand what you’re doing. What’s intended to be will be. For someone who did nothing for such a long time, his ideas and words speak of a healthier spiritual life. All of these are the component of his great portfolio.

Because a closet’s door is closed a lot of the moment, air gets trapped inside and does not have any way to circulate. The important thing is selecting the most suitable sort of closet door to make the most of your bedroom’s style. The closet doors in your master bedroom might seem like a minor point in the room general design, but they may have a critical influence on its function and fashion. If you are in possession of a little bedroom, replacing your closet door may also help open up space inside the room.

How To Send Perfect Birthday Wishes On Social Media?

The use of social media is growing enormously with time, and with every second a new person is joining the social media sites. So the graph of friend list on social media is showing an upward trend. Social media provides a user the option to add their birthday to their profile, which means it can be displayed to people in your friend list and even out of your friend list. With this, the number of people wishing you on your birthday also increases proportionally.

The number of friends means more wishes to be made on social media every now and then; this has made us more insensitive about the wishes we send to our friends through social media. We can always a write a little more than just ‘happy birthday’ to show them a bit more attention. So below are described few interesting points through which you can send perfect Birthday Wishes on social media.

Posting a photo as a birthday wish

If it’s a birthday of someone you are close to a then best idea is to find a photo with them and then writing a birthday wish. It will make them feel special and will remind of the good times they shared with you. It triggers the reminiscing from mutual friends as well.

An Animoto video

Animoto is a video that can be made with a Facebook application. It requires you to choose a theme, asserting photos and adding some background music. Animoto will mix all these three things together and enables you to come up with a professional touch video. This is one very creative way to show your friend how special you feel about them.

Birthday fan page with Tweetnfollow

Creating a page on any famous social media site is very easy these days. So to make it a part of someone’s birthday you can create a page on their name. Make a page and invite different friends to join it and to wish the person via the page. This comes as a very sweet surprise when the people joining the page are those who haven’t talked to the birthday person for a while.

Virtual goods as a birthday present.

If the birthday of your friend is very close and you are short of cash to buy them a gift than sending them virtual gifts is the best option. Every other person these days can be found playing online games; you can surprise them by sending them extra points or buying them credits or unlocking the next stage for them. for example, if your friend likes to play Farmville than you can get them credit points that can help them to get the barn they have always wanted. In order to do this you first need to scan the wall of your friend’s game profile to find which game they like to play and what is it they want the most.

Sending the private message

Now every social media site comes with the option of sending a private message whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, twitter or any other site you can send perfect Birthday Wishes on social media using the sending message option.


Selecting A Best Garage Door Opener

A growing number of homes now integrate garages in their house designs. Garages supply a fast and convenient way to the home and much more importantly, it retains your car protected from rain, hail or excess heat. The garage is an integral part of the garage since it retains the automobile safe from external particles. The performance of this garage door goes together with all the garage door opener. Here we’ll examine a couple of aspects that individuals should think about when searching for a door opener. Doing this will assist them choose the perfect one for their property.

garage door openerThe buckle door opener is the most famous for its exceptionally low sound. It’s arguably among the quietest models offered on the industry nowadays. These are perfect for families working late hours or regularly use the garage through the day. The load screeching noise from different versions can be a significant distraction to the members of their family along with the surrounding neighbors. The sound can be more excruciatingly painful during the night or early morning. Belt garage openers are fantastic for maintaining the peace and quiet all the time while providing homeowners their solitude.Get more results about garage door opener reviews here.


Chain Door Openers – Durability in a Very Low Cost

These versions are known for their durability and exceptional performance. The chain structure of this door opener helps to ensure that the door works with no interruptions however it will come at the price of a small increase in sound. Many home builders integrate this model in their houses because of its performance. It has to be mentioned that the string garage door openers are also quite economical and cost considerably less than the belt types that is part of the reason they’re so popular amongst home owners.

The jack shaft is the most recent door technologies available now. It gives some very unique and appealing features that give it the advantage over its competitors. First of all, the port shaft includes a standby system which enables it to operate during a power outage. These are remarkably common in countries which are vulnerable to power outages because of tornadoes or because of other all-natural disasters. The next most important quality of the jack shaft is the fact that it may be set up onto a wall panel rather than the ceiling.

The screw drive garage door technology is especially designed to withstand extreme temperatures especially if you residing in the northern part of the nation in which the temperature remains below zero for most of the year.

While the options for garage door openers are numerous, it comes down to what you really need in the long run. By considering the geographical location, budget and different expectations, an individual can easy settle on which garage door technologies to use for their property.

Opioids: Effects On the body

With the exception of opioid overdose and physical dependence, the effect of most opioids is relatively benign and quickly reversible. However, the use of contaminated needles poses a great danger, which is associated with an increased risk of hepatitis B and hepatitis C, infectious endocarditis and HIV infection; the latter is one of the leading causes of death in injecting drug users and their sexual partners.


Buy Opana Online is one of strongest opioid that have very bad affects if you abuse it. Main effects. Acute digestive disorders – constipation and anorexia – are caused by a decrease in gastrointestinal motility. Chronic digestive disorders in injecting drug users at the stage of addiction are usually due to hepatitis. Stimulation of opiate receptors in the central nervous system can lead to nausea and vomiting (brainstem receptors), dull perception of pain (receptors of the spinal cord, thalamus, near-conductor gray matter), euphoria (receptors of the limbic system), and sedation (receptors of the reticular formation and striatum). Additives contained in “street” drugs can cause a more permanent defeat of the nervous system, including neuropathy, amblyopia, myelopathy and leukoencephalopathy. According to at least one study, the CNS is caused either by opioids themselves, or by additives, or by the use of dirty needles. A single injection of opioids leads to the achievement of LH levels and the subsequent level of testosterone levels; this is a possible cause of a decreased sexual desire, marked by the majority of people with opioid dependence. Other hormonal changes include decreased secretion of TSH and increased secretion of prolactin and STH.

Opioids: an overdose

Intentional (when attempting suicide) or unintentional (with incorrect evaluation of the strength of the drug) taking high doses of opioids leads to intoxication, or overdose syndrome, with the risk of a fatal outcome. Any opioid can cause intoxication, but powerful drugs, such as fentanyl (80-100 times stronger than morphine), are most dangerous.

Typical intoxication, which develops immediately after intravenous injection, is characterized by the following: surface respiration with a frequency of 2-4 per min, miosis (transforming into mydriasis as brain hypoxia develops), bradycardia, hypothermia, no reaction to external stimuli. In the absence of emergency care, cyanosis develops and death occurs due to stopping of breathing and circulation. Findings on autopsy are scant, except for diffuse brain edema. Anaphylactoid reactions to intravenous injection of heroin are also possible, at least in part due to impurities; for such reactions are characterized by inhibition, alveolar edema of the lungs, eosinophilia. There are many opioids that you can buy online. ( )


The primary measure in any overdose is the maintenance of vital functions through ventilation and other emergency measures. A radical method for the treatment of opioid overdose is IV or IM injection of an opioid receptor blocker naloxone in an initial dose of 0.2 mg (0.5 ml from an ampoule per 10 ml) or more. In the absence of the effect, the injection can be repeated after 3-10 minutes. Dose is selected, focusing on the patient’s condition. Since naloxone is only effective for 2-3 hours, the observation period should be at least 24 hours after an overdose of heroin and 72 hours after an overdose of a longer-acting drug such as methadone.


Dubai Will Celebrate with a Dry Day Next Week

There has finally been confirmation about an Emirate-wide Dry Day in Dubai next week, which means for one whole day all of the restaurants and bars in Dubai will be unable to serve alcohol and will be limited to only serving soft drinks.  The Dubai Dry Day has been announced to tie in to Al Isra’a Wal Mi’Raj, so it may very well result in a long weekend for some lucky people in Dubai.

If you want to take advantage of the long weekend or if you’re not deterred by soft drinks, don’t forget Dubai has some of the best hotels in the world.

Dubai’s Dry Day and Al Isra’a Wal Mi’Raj

Dubai will be having a Dry Day on Friday the 13th of April from 6:00 PM until Saturday the 14th of April at 7:00 PM, Dubai’s many amazing bars and restaurants will be limited to only serving soft drinks, due to an announcement by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

The Dry Day will likely be coinciding with Al Isra’a Wal Mi’Raj, an Islamic holiday, which may end up in some of the Public Sector workers getting a day off (and some public services being closed) on either the Thursday (the 12th of April) or Sunday (15th of April).

The exact dates for Al Isra’a Wal Mi’Raj have not been announced yet but it’s likely to end up in some type of three day weekend.

Al Isra’a Wal Mi’Raj

The Islamic holiday of Al Isra’a Wal Mi’Raj is the celebration of the night that God took Mohammad on a journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and then on to heaven.  Muslim families will usually use this holiday to share the teachings within their families and communities and decorating their homes.  This is a time for Muslim families to spend time together and tell children the stories of Mohammad’s journey.