How To Send Perfect Birthday Wishes On Social Media?

The use of social media is growing enormously with time, and with every second a new person is joining the social media sites. So the graph of friend list on social media is showing an upward trend. Social media provides a user the option to add their birthday to their profile, which means it can be displayed to people in your friend list and even out of your friend list. With this, the number of people wishing you on your birthday also increases proportionally.

The number of friends means more wishes to be made on social media every now and then; this has made us more insensitive about the wishes we send to our friends through social media. We can always a write a little more than just ‘happy birthday’ to show them a bit more attention. So below are described few interesting points through which you can send perfect Birthday Wishes on social media.

Posting a photo as a birthday wish

If it’s a birthday of someone you are close to a then best idea is to find a photo with them and then writing a birthday wish. It will make them feel special and will remind of the good times they shared with you. It triggers the reminiscing from mutual friends as well.

An Animoto video

Animoto is a video that can be made with a Facebook application. It requires you to choose a theme, asserting photos and adding some background music. Animoto will mix all these three things together and enables you to come up with a professional touch video. This is one very creative way to show your friend how special you feel about them.

Birthday fan page with Tweetnfollow

Creating a page on any famous social media site is very easy these days. So to make it a part of someone’s birthday you can create a page on their name. Make a page and invite different friends to join it and to wish the person via the page. This comes as a very sweet surprise when the people joining the page are those who haven’t talked to the birthday person for a while.

Virtual goods as a birthday present.

If the birthday of your friend is very close and you are short of cash to buy them a gift than sending them virtual gifts is the best option. Every other person these days can be found playing online games; you can surprise them by sending them extra points or buying them credits or unlocking the next stage for them. for example, if your friend likes to play Farmville than you can get them credit points that can help them to get the barn they have always wanted. In order to do this you first need to scan the wall of your friend’s game profile to find which game they like to play and what is it they want the most.

Sending the private message

Now every social media site comes with the option of sending a private message whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, twitter or any other site you can send perfect Birthday Wishes on social media using the sending message option.